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SHOP/TRIAL Let’s Chill and Pamper Our Skin Fairer

The pursuit of fairer skin and radiant complexion is neverending, especially for those who work long hours. Living in the tropics means we need to have a beauty regime and right products to pamper and calm our skin after being out in the hot sun for extended periods of time. Thanks to For Beloved One, who has relentlessly worked on discovering new technologies and ingredients to offer improved and safer whitening treatment at home to both women and men. Updating their skincare, Vitamin C Series”, For Beloved One has produced the “Vitamin C Plus Series with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.” What’s great for brightening dull skin is the ingredient consisting of vitamin C, which controls the formation of melanin at source found deep within the skin to reverse the oxidation of melanin for a more radiant complexion.

How does our skin become darker?
Freckles and tanned skin is caused by exposure to UV rays, in other words, being in the sun far too long. Margret Wu, the founder of For Beloved One, believes that having a fair and white skin complexion is not only an indicator of healthy skin, but also a pre-requisite to having dazzling make-ups. Hence she has launched this range for those who tan easily or find freckles formed soon after being in the sun. Wu also cautions that exposure to radiation from electric products also result in increased saturation of melanin in the skin.
Researchers at For Beloved One point out that Tyrosine is the key factor in the formation of melanin. Tyrosinase, which is produced in the skin when exposed to UV radiation, acts as a catalyst to turn Tyrosine into Dopa. Tyrosinase further transforms Dopa and into Dopaquinone, which produces Melanoidin and Eumelanin.

Formation of Melanin
Ethyl Ascorbic Acid helps to turn Dopaquinone back to Dopa via chemical reduction to suppress melanin formation.
Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is more stable and has higher purity of Vitamin C compared to the previous Vitamin C Series. Due to its small molecular structure, it penetrates skin well and has the best rate of absorption! Its anti-oxidation and anti-ageing properties, together with its ability to improve skin’s elasticity, help to repair skin and prevent it from ageing while brightening skin to create the perfect complexion.

What’s New?
The upgraded For Beloved One Vitamin C Plus Series with Ethyl Ascorbic Acid contains patented brightening ingredients—Melaclear2™ and TECHNOWHITE™.
Ethyl Ascorbic Acid The purest form of Vitamin C combined with patented brightening formula Melaclear2™ and TECHNOWHITE™ to form a brightening mechanism which targets melanin formation at the source
DermalRx®SRC An exfoliating technology that removes dark and old cells in the stratum corneum to improve the absorption of nutrients.
Three anti-allergy patents ANASENSYL®, CALMISKIN® and SKINASENSYL® stabilise the various ingredients, so as to keep the high intensity brightening process gentle even for sensitive skin.
Soothing patent ANASENSYL® Contains flavonoid extracted from the Aesculus plant for reduction in swelling and localized anti-inflammation; caffeine and zinc salts for weakening the sensitivity of cornified cells to stabilize skin’s allergic reactions.
Soothing patent SKINASENSYL® A specially developed soothing formula for sensitive skin. It enhances the skin’s defence against external agents so that allergic reactions are reduced, effectively soothing any discomfort.
Soothing Agent CALMISKIN® Extracted from mint, it helps to reduce inflammation and sooth damaged skin.

How it works:
This is one of the few skincare range with the most patented ingredients in the products—seven. Four for its skin whitening action, and three to calm and soothe skin.
Patented formula – “Spot Eraser” Melaclear2™
Melaclear2™, also known as the “spot eraser”, is a patented brightening and cleansing cocktail formula. It contains:Protease to remove spots with deeply saturated melanin to brighten the skin; B-Carotene to put the formation of melanin on hold; Gluconate to bind copper ions so that it is not able to combine with Tyrosinase; and Zinc Ethyl Sulfate to lower the activity of Tyrosinase.

Patented formula – Skin Brightener MELASLOW™
MELASLOW™ is a skin brightener extracted from Japanese citrus. It is used in the medical field to treat skin pigment disorders due to its efficiency in suppressing melanin formation. In experiments, only 3% MELASLOW™ is needed to suppress Tyrosinase activity by 46% and melanin production by 50%. It is able to effectively
remove spots even when the pigments had been saturated for prolonged periods, such as age spots. In addition, it helps to enhance the luminosity of skin to produce snow-like glow.

Patented formula – Brightening Trilogy TECHNOWHITE™
Under the hot sun, UV rays can cause inflammation of skin in all seasons, resulting in uneven, or, in some cases, unnatural deposit of pigments such as spots, speckles, and pigment spots. TECHNOWHITE™ is a patented brightening technology which controls skin inflammation caused by UV rays, and also restricts the production of inflammation agents released by melanin. It prevents the excessive saturation of pigments, while at the same time remove dark and old cells in the stratum corneum, so as to rejuvenate skin for a crystal clear glow.

TECHNOWHITE™ 3-Step Brightening Process:
Step 1: Control the excessive production of melanin (Suppression of Tyrosinase)
Step 2: Reduce skin inflammatory response (Suppression of PGE2)
Step 3: Speedy removal of surface pigments on old stratum corneum (Removal of old stratum corneum)


Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Surge Cream
The gel mosituriser is so light, it feels refreshing on the skin, without leaving any sticky afterfeel.

Skin glows after applying light moisturising cream

Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Bio-Cellulose Mask 3-piece pack
This mask feels cool on the skin. Great for cooling down on a hot afternoon as it instantly cools down the skin with its cool sensation. The material used for this mask feels cool on the skin, and doesn’t not dry out. Hence you need not worry about drying your skin if you had left the mask on until it has dried out.
Cellulose mask being used
Smoother and more radiant skin after using the mask (right)
Products in the range:
For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening range has 5 products.
Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Toner  200ml/S$58
Brighten +Exfoliate+ Moisturize- – Triple Effect for Beautiful Brightening Foundation The refreshing and anti-allergenic brightening toner contains stable Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which helps reverse melanin formation on skin surface and lighten dark spots to achieve even and luminous complexion. Contains DermalRx® SRC which speeds up skin metabolism and restores skin's radiance. A patented anti-allergenic ingredient, Anasensyl LS9322, is added to strengthen skin's defense and boost skin health.
Usage Directions: Every morning and evening after cleansing, apply desired amount of toner and gently pat onto face and neck. Gently massage until completely absorbed.

Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Essence 30ml/ S$95
Activate skin reversal to slow down melanin formation The all-new Vitamin C Serum contains highly stable Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which helps reverse melanin formation on skin surface and lighten dark spots to achieve even and luminous complexion.  With small molecules, it can penetrate into deep skin layers to control the melanin formation. Together with lightening formula Melaclear2™and TECHNOWHITE™, skin becomes radiant after regular use. SKINASENSYL ® and CALMISKIN ® help strengthen skin's defense and repair dark and dull complexion. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Usage Directions: Every morning and evening after toner, apply desired amount evenly onto face. Gently massage until completely absorbed.

Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Surge Cream  30ml/ S$85
Lightens the skin and keeps it refreshed, hydrated and nourished This cream has a unique watery texture and turns into mineral water once in contact with skin. Contains highly stable and gentle whitening agent Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which reverses melanin formation and lightens dark spots to achieve even and luminous complexion. It also contains DermalRx® SRC to enhance metabolism and the Idebenone, a derivative of coenzyme Q10, has a relatively small molecule, which allows for a deeper penetration into the skin.
Usage Directions: Every morning and evening after toner and essence, apply desired amount evenly onto face. Gently massage until completely absorbed.

Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Lotion  50ml/S$57
A daily lotion for injecting brightening essence to slow down pigment formation This treatment contains highly stable and gentle whitening agent Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which reverses or inhibits melanin formation by penetrating into deeper skin layers. Also contains MELASLOW™ to help lighten skin by reducing melanin production. A patented anti-allergenic ingredient, Anasensyl LS9322, is added to strengthen skin's defense and boost skin health.           
Usage Directions: Every morning and evening after toner and essence, apply desired amount evenly onto face. Gently massage until completely absorbed. For best results, use with Ethyl Vitamin C range products.
Melasleep Whitening Ethyl Ascorbic Acid Bio-Cellulose Mask  3-piece pack S$63
Intensive care, makes the skin radiate with a glow from within. The first Bio-Cellulose Mask in the world, not only provides similar effect as iontophoresis treatment, but is also extremely skin-friendly and fits skin perfectly, allowing maximum essence absorption. It contains highly stable and gentle whitening agent Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, which penetrates deep into the skin to control melanin formation.  In addition, it also contains MELASLOW™ which helps reduce melanin formation and brightens the skin tone. A patented anti-allergenic ingredient, Anasensyl LS9322, is added to strengthen skin's defence and boost skin health. Use the mask within 24 hours after sun exposure to maximise the repair benefits of the concentrated ingredients on hyperpigmentation.

Usage Directions: After cleansing:
1. Hold the elastic and transparent bio-cellulose mask in the middle.
2. Apply the wet side (the side touching the semi-transparent paper foil) on face.
3. Take off the mask after 15-20 minutes. No need to rinse and continue regular skin care routine.

Exclusively sold @ Sephora in Singapore:

Tampines Mall

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REVIEW/SHOP Where to get all-in-one sun protection plus freckle reduction?

Who says that UV exposure is all bad? Do you know that our bodies need adequate sun exposure to stay healthy? Just a little sun exposure enables our body to produce vitamin D, which is needed to regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption from food for healthy bones and teeth. Adequate UV ray exposure protects the body against diseases and conditions like cancer, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. UV rays is also used for the successful treatment of psoriasis, eczema and jaundice. For these great reasons, we should be glad that we are living in the tropics where we get to enjoy bright sunny days 12 months a year. If you are living in high latitude countries, ensure up to 15 minutes of casual sun exposure over your hands, face and arms, two to three times a week during the summer months to keep your vitamin D levels high. If you are living in the tropics, do not run away from the sun. Perhaps a friend of mine who lives in Singapore must have been hiding in his office from sun up to sun down as he was recently diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency. Hence do not hide from the sun, but ply your skin with adequate protection from the ill effects of sun exposure on the skin, and head out. One of the latest sun protection that offers the best protection is Kenzoki White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF50. It protects your skin from the formation of new hyperpigmentation, while also lightening existing freckles, unifying uneven skin tone and increasing skin moisture by 26%.

Banish Hyperpigmentation
Achieving a flawless skin is a lifelong achievement especially for those who are genetically predisposed to hyperpigmentation, and those with uneven skin tone. The regular use of sun shield before stepping out into the sun is the only way to protect your skin from producing new freckles or hyperpigmentation. In recent years, skin experts are increasingly aware that the use of whitening or hyperpigmentation lightening products together with sun protection are necessary to keep existing hyperpigmentation from worsening and new ones from forming. The most recent launch of Kenzoki White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF50 is designed to do both.

What makes Kenzoki White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF50 great?

Whitening Ingredients:
Whitening Plum Blossom Essence, the true star ingredient of the Kenzoki whitening range, improves skin radiance and maintains unified skin tone by working in the different layers of the skin.
Sunflower Extract helps skin maintain healthy suppleness and radiance.
Huang Qin strengthens skin against environmental stress like UV exposure and pollution, and thus from losing radiance and even skin tone.
Moringa protects skin from environmental aggression like pollution and free radicals.

How to maximise benefit?
Apply over face and neck in light sweeping strokes before heading outdoors.

This light textured lotion has a subtle relaxing aroma which soothes my senses during application. It does not leave any streaks or white veil on the skin.

Smear of the light lotion

Kenzoki White Blossom Delicate UV Shield SPF50 is priced at $65 (30ml) and is available from end-February 2015 at Metro stores located at Paragon and Centrepoint, Robinsons at Heeren, Raffles City and JEM, and Sephora.

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*Photo of Sun, Blue Sky and Clouds by nuchylee/ Photo of Kid Skipping In The Field by Marin/

REVIEW/SHOP Intensively hydrating Kenzoki MeltIn Moisturizing Lotion n Lotus Caress to Moisturize Eyes

REVIEW Kenzoki MeltIn Moisturizing Lotion n Lotus Caress to Moisturize Eyes
With haze hovering around our little island and irritating our delicate skin, intensively hydrate your skin and eye area. Keep them fresh and comforted with the gentle ingredients Kenzoki has chosen for a comforting and refreshing day.

This Melt-in Moisturizing Lotion is inspired by the best Japanese skincare rituals to moisturise skin to perfection. A single drop of Melt-in Moisturizing Lotion quenches the skin, day or night. A single drop, really? Airy and soft, it melts in a flash, as fast as it moisturises and refreshes.

How to use:
With the fingertips or a cotton pad, pat on and smooth gently on the face and neck to infuse them with goodness. A real bath of freshness to wake up dopey skin in the
morning, and calm and prepare it for a well-deserved night’s sleep in the evening.

Prepares the skin by applying the Melt-in Moisturizing Lotion for its refreshing and calming effect. Use with Moisturizing Skin Guardian, which also protects the skin from external aggressions.

Suitable for all skin types.
Texture of lotion on hand
How does it work?
Camellia Oil
Boosts synthesis of the epidermal lipid molecules of the skin's lipid barrier, ceramides to restore the lipid barrier and improve "waterproofness" of the skin to prevent dehydration of skin and enhance retention of moisture in the epidermis.

Japanese Lily-Of-The-Valley
It limits transepidermal water loss and reinforces cellular cohesion and the skin barrier function*. An essential for improving skin hydration!

Patented White Lotus Active Plant Essence
A soothing and antioxidant, it wraps the skin in a protective bubble*.

Results from clinical test with 31 women who use it for 28 days:
2 hours after application, hydration in skin will be increased by 52%
24 hours after application, hydration is increased by 32%.

The wonderful relaxing scent relaxes as I sweep the toner soaked cotton pad all over my face. It is amazing how much nourishing hydration is packed into this ultra-lightweight toner. After dabbing my skin with this moisturising lotion, I left my skin without any moisturiser and it didn’t feel dry or tight even after half an hour. What I love most is the familiar soothing aroma of the ingredients from in this moisturising lotion that lingers through the day.

Hydrates intensely, rolls away dark circles and puffiness

A high-impact trio (ingredients) combines its talents to put sparkle in your eyes by brightening eye contours as it reduces dark eye circles and puffiness.

How to use:
1. Use twice a day.
2. Twist the applicator to ON. Dispense a small amount of the eye gel on eye contour.
3. Massage under eye with the ceramic pearl from inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.
4. Move the ceramic pearl over upper eye lid, under the brow.
5. Turn the applicator tip to OFF to seal in the freshness of the gel.
6. Lightly pat eye contour with the balls of fingers to complete this pampering ritual.
Suitable for all skin types.

Align OFF and Arrow Position 

Align ON and Arrow Position
How does it work?
White Lotus patented active plant essence 
The soothing and antioxidant power of White Lotus wraps the skin in a beneficial and protective bubble*.
Japanese Lily of the Valley
This ultra-moisturizing extract reinforces the cohesion of the skin’s upper layers and helps restructure the skin barrier function to preserve its hydration.
Beech bud extract
It improves the cell metabolism and strengthens the cell architecture* to smooth and moisturize the skin.
Ceramic Pearl Roller Ball
Ceramic pearl tip keeps a cool head under all circumstances to reinforce the product’s enlivening action.

Results from clinical test with 30 women who use it for 28 days:
Two hours after application, 74% Increase in hydration around eye area improve 
24 hours after application, 46% increase in hydration 

Love the lock function of this Kenzoki Lotus Caress to Moisturize Eyes. The packaging prevents spillage. Simply twist the cap with the massaging roller ball 180 degrees to lock or unlock. The roller ball applicator massages the delicate eye area to improve circulation around the eyes, while the eye serum is distributed evenly on the skin around the eyes. The serum is light and very comfortable on the skin. The massaging action of rolling the ball around the eyes, soothes eye fatigue from staring at the computer screen for long hours. This serum doesn’t have any scent.
Kenzoki Melt-In Moisturizing Lotion is priced at S$48.
Kenzoki Lotus Caress to Moisturize Eyes is priced at S$63.
Availble at Metro Paragon, Robinsons Orchard, Robinsons JEM, Robinsons Raffles City and Sephora ION from mid-September 2014. 
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REVIEW/CHALLENGE Getting skin to be younger than your age is simplified with SK-II Magic Ring

SK-II recently offered a new skin analysis machine some months ago. If you are wondering if this is a sales gimmick, I have to say, most women serious about improve their skin condition would say it is rather helpful as I myself have.
SK-II Magic Ring skin analysis machine dares you to find out the truth about your skin age
After years of product testing one would think my skin should be in tip top condition. Unfortunately, not this Magic Ring. On the second week of May, a check with this machine at that SK-II counter at Takashimaya D.S. revealed that my skin was older than my biological age. The overall skin age read 48, although skin hydration was in the range of a 20 years old, but my genetic hyperpigmentation problem and skin firmness pushed my skin age up. My heart dropped. According to the analyser, if I had been using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for a year or so, my skin age would have been as youthful as 34.

1st skin analysis
I went home determined to bring back my skin youthfulness, but strangely enough I caught a viral flu and after two weeks, I am still hacking away. All of us know that when one is sick, the skin suffers too. However, despite my long illness, after one week of antibiotics and two weeks of SK-II LXP range (treatment essence, serum and cream), I found my skin health improved and turn out to be three years younger than before, and therefore younger than my biological age (Surprise!), but my hyperpigmentation got one year older :(
A more youthful skin in two weeks, pronto!
Improved skin health revealing a more youthful skin age

The beauty advisor at SK-II Raffles City then went on to give detailed explanation about my skin condition and with the help of the machine showed me the locations of my skin problems. For example, I could see where the dry bits of my skin were and with that, I now know where to focus my moisturising cream. For my hyperpigmentation, the beauty advisor explained how my favourite Cellumination moisturiser improves radiance, but not the freckles that have yet to surfaced, and that the SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialists would be my new best friend.
My solution to improved Spot Control: SK-II Whitening Power Spots Specialist 
In conclusion, another girlfriend who had also done this skin analysis asked me how much I trust the results, and I have this to say: With this Magic Ring, I know where to apply the various skincare products I have instead of just slathering them in all over my face. This is skincare maximised and put to good use.

So have you had your Magic Ring skin analysis done yet?

PS. SK-II was the skincare sponsor at the Audi Fashion Week 2014. Models who walked down the catwalk, were radiant with skincare treats from SK-II.

Writer: Wee Ping

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REVIEW/SUN PROTECTION Sun Protection their importance and why include anti-ageing ingredients? Dr Georgia Lee explains

DrGL Sun Protection offers more than the usual
I have been using DrGL®Sun Protection SPF30 ANTI-AGING (FACE/BODY) since my trip to sunny Cambodia some time last year, and love the various properties of this product. Hence before I left for my trip to Vietnam early last month, I did an interview with Dr Lee regarding her sun protection range.

Sun Protection Check List
Other than preventing skin cancer and sun burns, sun protection is one of the most powerful anti-ageing protection you can have in the long run. Wear a wide brimmed hat that offers proper shade for your whole face and cover up as much as you can, while also slathering on at least a teaspoon of sun protection over exposed areas like face, neck and chest area before heading out or sitting next to the window is the best you can do for your skin. On days that I do not wear makeup, DrGL®Sun Protection SPF30 ANTI-AGING (FACE/BODY) is one of the sun filters I prefer for its light and mild calming scent. According to Dr Georgia Lee, it is important to give the sun filter at least 30 minutes to be fully absorbed by the skin before venturing out. The chemical sun filter then protects skin from harmful sun rays by absorbing the UV rays.

Sun Protection Outdoors
While outdoors continue to keep your skin protected by topping up your sun protection with a convenient spray like DrGL®Sun Protection Mist SPF29 PA++ (Hair/Face/Body). Re–spray over exposed area each time perspiration is wiped off. The fine mist in DrGL®Sun Protection Mist SPF29 PA++ (Hair/Face/Body) sits on the skin like a second skin to cover the targeted area evenly. This convenient spray function makes it a great outdoor sunblock as it is more hygienic without the need to smooth out the product over the skin, and its ultra light texture makes it ideal for our humid weather while also more suitable for acne-prone skin.

For water sports or activities that leave you perspiring; and requiring prolonged sun exposure, a more water-resistant product would be better and should be paired up with the DrGL®Sun Protection Mist SPF29 PA++ (Hair/Face/Body) for touch ups. However, waterproof sun protection usually clog pores, hence DrGL doesn’t have a waterproof formulation in its range. Note also that perspiration will cause sun protection to run off regardless the type of sun protection used, hence re-application is crucial. This is one fact that kept ringing in my head while I was baking in the hot Vietnamese sun.
Will Makeup Do The Trick?
Perhaps your sweat-resistant foundation and BB creams could help to prevent the sun protection from sliding off? “No.” says Dr Lee, “It is best not to use makeup when exercising as pores become enlarged during perspiration. This could make skin more prone to clogging.” Hence, a sun protection tip from Dr Lee would be to use DrGL Sun Protection SPF 30 Antiaging as a base, layered over with DrGL®Sun Protection Mist SPF29 PA++ (Hair/Face/Body) as a more convenient touch up choice when outdoors.

Good Reasons for Anti-Ageing Ingredients in Sun Protection
Dr Georgia Lee has two cream based sun protection and one lighter textured one in the form of a mist. “The cream based formulations can be used on a daily basis while the DrGL®Sun Protection Mist SPF29 PA++ (Hair/Face/Body) is great for touch ups. The latter is also the ideal choice over the cream based ones for those going through puberty and those with oily and acne prone skin types, as well as those who do not use makeup and are not compliant with makeup remover.” Due to the ease of application, teens who do not have the discipline to spend a few minutes to care for their skin are also most likely to use this sun protection dispensed via a spray. I may be no teen, but the convenience is something I can easily get used too. Imagine just spritzing this on and popping over to the convenient store across the road.

Both of the above work like multi-taskers as they have moisture, anti-wrinkle and sun protection properties all rolled into one product. The cream based sun protection offers more than sun protection. Other than physically filtering out UV rays, with micronised physical sunscreen, Gingko Biloba Leaf extract and skin-revitalising amino acids neutralise and fend off the ageing effects of UV rays and free radicals, while also improving collagen production and blood circulation.

Tip: “These are great for normal skin, or those constantly exposed to drying air–conditioned environment,” says Dr Lee. Note that despite being referred to as cream by Dr Lee, these formulations have a light texture.

Is a Sun Protection for The Body Safe for my Delicate Face?
One of the amazing things about Dr Lee’s sun protection formulations is that they are indicated on the packaging to be for use over both the face as well as the body. According to Dr Lee, there are long term benefits in applying a product good enough for the face and yet price-friendly enough for the body. In this case, the DrGL’s face and body sun protection keeps skin-ageing over both the face and body synchronised such that there is minimal tell-tale sign of the ageing. In the long run, it would also be more economical than undergoing laser treatments or using skin firming devices all over the body and the face.

DrGL®Sun Protection Mist SPF29 PA++ (Hair/Face/Body)
The antioxidant-rich light texture of the mist makes it an ideal sun protection for oily and acne prone skin. Antioxidants like Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract and Paeonia Suffruticosa root extract offer both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Licorice and Arbutin reduces skin redness and pigmentation with skin brightening properties. The other two ingredients like Ubiquinone and Rutin neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals from exposure to UV irradiation.

Tip: It has water-based properties that makes makeup remover unnecessary. For touching up when outdoors, simply spray over make up or bare skin after wiping off perspiration.

How to use:
The formulation is created such that it attaches to the skin and leave a layer of UV protection. To apply 
DrGL®Sun Protection Mist SPF29 PA++ (Hair/Face/Body, place the can about 30cm from the face or target area. At this distance, the mist is fine and there is minimal dripping on the applied surface. Also if the spray is placed at the correct distance, the fine mist will cover the area evenly, so smoothening the treated area with your hands is not necessary. Give some time for the product to be absorbed into the skin so that even if your fingers accidentally run over the skin while pulling stray hair strands away, re-application is not necessary. Before reapplying the sun protection mist, note that it is always better to apply over dry skin, but if time is an issue or the sunlight is very strong, then it is better to reapply immediately to protect against unnecessary exposure, as the perspiration will eventually evaporate.  

DrGL®Sun Protection SPF30 ANTI-AGING (FACE/BODY), $108 (50ml)
DrGL®MAN Sun Protection SPF30 PA++ ANTI-AGING (FACE/BODY), $108 (50ml)
DrGL®Sun Protection Mist SPF29 PA++ (Hair/Face/Body), $88 (60ml)

DrGL Skincare is available at and Escentials outlets in Singapore.

Writer: Wee Ping

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REVIEW/SHOP Gentle cleansing with Bioderma Cleansing Range

Gentle and Effective Cleansing
I started using Bioderma makeup remover at the beginning of this year. It is one of the few low priced makeup remover that works wonders. I am amazed at how the light fluid could remove makeup thoroughly without leaving my skin clogged. In fact, the cleanser/makeup remover uses a unique micellar technology that penetrates deep into skin pores to remove dirt and makeup. And in April, just as I was using up the last drop of Bioderma Sensibio H2O, I received a press kit of their latest range that includes makeup remover for various skin types from oil-prone skin, dehydrated skin and babies. Yes, it’s gentle enough for babies’ bums too. A very handy cleanser when there is no water in sight when diaper changing. 

Review of Bioderma Sensibio H2O
To remove makeup and mascara, soak through two cotton pads and gently wipe off make up and mascara. Use both the front and back of the cotton pads to minimise waste of the product. I went through about four cotton pads soaked through with the cleanser before my skin is totally clean, at times, 2 cottons were all I needed. I am amazed at how this cleanser thoroughly removes every trace of my new waterproof mascara. For gentle cleansers, it is important to keep wiping off makeup with cotton pads soaked through with the cleanser to ensure that the skin is totally cleaned. A thoroughly cleansed skin will allow skin to maximise benefit from skin care applied after.

YIKES: The appearance of the four cotton pads used to remove waterproof mascara and makeup
is not appealing, but glad to know the skin is thoroughly clean now.
Waterproof mascara cleansed without a single trace.
Tip: Always remove all traces of mascara from lashes and eye contour.
A good makeup remover can do that.

Star reason Bioderma is the choice cleanser of celebrities?

Here's the star reason #Bioderma is the choice cleanser for many, including youthful looking celebrities Gwenyth Palthrow and Kylie Minoque. Instead of using common surfactants like most manufacturers, Bioderma created a gentle cleansing water called #Micellar Solutions. In it are Micelles microstructures that suspend in water and disband once it is in contact with skin. The very nature of Micelles allow impurities, dirt and excess sebum to be removed without having to rinse. Composing of a hydrophilic component that likes water and a hydrophilic component that attracts oil, dirt and makeup are lifted from skin easily to minimise tugging and scrubbing while cleansing. Instead of using surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate known to irritate very sensitive/allergenic skin, Bioderma chose a biologically skin-compatible biomimetic Fatty Acid Esters as it has the same pH level as skin, hydrates skin and restore skin’s protective layer while the Micelle Technology cleanses.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O
Patented Natural Complex made up of saccharides, sugar and golden seaweed extracts strengthens skin resilience while also soothing skin with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and moisturising properties.
Key Benefit: Removes face and eye makeup as it soothes and decongests without stripping skin of its natural oils. Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

Price: S$15.90 (100ml), S$29.90 (250ml) & $39.90 (500ml)

The New Additions:
Bioderma Sebium H2O for oil prone skin or skin with dilated pores.
Copper sulphate and zinc gluconate purify and normalise sebum production.
Patented Fluidactiv improves sebum quality and prevents formation of acne caused by or aggravated by the use of cosmetics.
Key Benefits: Purifies skin and normalises oil production.

Price: S$15.90 (100ml), S$29.90 (250ml) & $39.90 (500ml)

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O for dehydrated skin, skin that looks dull, has uneven skin tone or flaky.
Other than removing dirt, makeup for face and eyes, this wonder cleanser hydrates skin deep within as well as on the surface to leave skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated and glowing.
Patented Aquaporin helps restore skin’s natural hydration.
Apple Seed Extract stimulates skin’s natural hydration.
Vitamin PP prevents loss of skin moisture.
Key Benefits: Removes face and eye makeup while also improving skin’s hydration by 25%. Hypoallergenic.

Price: S$29.90 (250ml)

Bioderma ABCDerm H2O
A cleanser for diaper area, babies’s skin folds, face, eyes and hands, this dermo-paediatric cleanser is formulated according to ABCDerm Dermatologial Safety Commitment adhering to four principles of Safety, Efficacy, Tolerance and Traceability.
Key Benefits: It does not leave any residual oily film, does not sting eyes and is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, soap-free and alcohol-free.

Price: $15.90 (100ml), $39.90 (500ml)

VERDICT: This range of cleansers/makeup removers are handy when travelling to areas where clean water is not easily accessible. We love the availability of the product in three sizes which help with more savings.

BIODERMA range of cleansers are available at leading pharmacies listed below.

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REVIEW/SHOP Brighter complexion with For Beloved One Advanced Whitening Arbutin Series

Achieving a brighter and even complexion with FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask. With stress and constant exposure to UV rays, it is almost impossible to eradicate dull skin and the formation of freckles. However, For Beloved One discovered a window period to maximise the repair of skin, minimise both spots and dullness after sun exposure—72 hours after sun exposure. During this 72-hours window, the melanin in our skin which gives us the tanned appearance, undergoes formation, pigmentation, transfer, and metabolisation. After sun exposure, skin is also the most vulnerable and requires more attention and care. Hence it is important to pamper skin with skin repairing skincare and routine to inhibit melanin formation and brighten skin tone.
From left, Essence and Mask
FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask is the last step to your comprehensive brightening skincare routine. This unique oil in water cream perfectly wrapped in whitening essences delivers active ingredients to deep into skin to where melanin is formed to repair damages caused by the sun.

REVIEW/TRIAL OF FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask
I love the ultra light texture of this oil in cream mask which feels cool on the skin. Upon application, it leaves very mild tingling sensation on the sensitive bits of my face such as under the eye and around the flare of my nose for a few seconds. As the skin gets used to the mask, the tingly sensation disappears. The skin drinks in the moisture rich mask within the 15 minutes mask session.

Upon removing the mask, the complexion is less yellow, brighter and appears more even toned. (please see before after pictures below)

Brigthter skin with less yellowness

Brighter skin with less yellowness

What’s Great about FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask?
Its lightweight, non-greasy texture makes a great rescue facial mask and/or overnight mask after sun exposure as well as before special events to boost longlasting properties of foundation and colours applied after.

Advanced Whitening Melanin-Blocking Technology
Unlike tradition whitening products, FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening Melanin-Blocking Technology starts repairing skin DNA within skin’s basal layers.
ACTI-WHITE™ and β-White™ works at the DNA level (in the basal layers) to inhibit formation/maturation of melanosomes. Acti-White strengthens skin cells against damaging effects of sun exposure such that the cells do not produce excess pigments.
α-Arbutin compound, a botanical derivation from bearberry leaves suppresses the activity of enzymes to prevent pigmentation. It effectively inhibits the activity of Tyrosinase, which suppresses the formation of melanin, and regulates skin’s metabolism, accelerating the breakdown and reduction of the accumulation of melanin, clearing skin blemishes and brightening skin tone. This form of α-Arbutin compound is stable compared to traditional sources.
Vitamin B3 breaks down melanin transfer path, preventing melanin from travelling to skin surface.
Melaclear2™ known as the dark spot eraser, metabolises the dead skin cells accumulated on the surface.

This rigorous control over each critical phase of skin tanning, offers a comprehensive skin protection for a bright and radiant skin.

Perfect Compound formulas
Vitamin B5 repairs skin as it stabilises the skin barrier function, keeps skin hydrated and prevents moisture loss. It also increases fibroblast proliferation, repairing skin structure and improves skin’s softness and elasticity.

Anasensyl® soothes skin and strengthens skin immunity with a synergistic botanical complex that regulates and inhibits the inflammatory process.

This unique oil in water cream mask perfectly wraps in 3% high concentration of α-Arbutin Whitening complex and DNA Whitening patent ingredients, which instantly ‘melts’ and transforms into essence and forms a brightening protective film to enhance the absorption of other essential whitening ingredients, once in contact with skin.

For Beloved One Melanin Technology summary

How to use:
1.          15 Minute Mask: After daily skincare routine, apply thin layer onto entire face, rinse off after 15 min.
2.          To use as an overnight mask: After skincare routine, apply thin layer on entire face before bed. Rinse off the next morning.
3.          For best results, use once every 3-5 days.
TIP: Use mask before special events to smooth and even skin surface for easy makeup application and adherence.
For best results, pair with Advanced Whitening series products for comprehensive brightening treatment.

FOR BELOVED ONE Advanced Whitening α-Arbutin Cream Mask retails at S$100.

Available at Sephora Stores in Singapore:

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